Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Invariably, in mixed company, specifically, in the mixed company of other singles, conversations often turn to this.
  1. Who we are dating (although that's generally common knowledge).
  2. Why we are not dating (awkwardly dominated by Type A female).
  3. What constitutes dating (3 P's, musings, and other random stories).
And in those random stories, someone (male) will usually start a dialog that goes something like this:

M: So, I asked out this girl
a couple weeks ago and she said NO. Flat out refused me.
F (Not me): Ohh, really? That's terrible.

(In these situations I can't figure out if the male is: 1. Playing his why-it-is-so-hard-to-be-a-guy card, 2. Trying to elicit sympathy?, or 3. LYING.)

WHO are these women?

My rule is, give the guy a chance. At least one chance. It's just a date. A first date, at that. Maybe you feel different or maybe you're one of those "no" gals, but I figure, why not give it a whirl. He had the courage to ask you out and you should have the courtesy/courage to say yes. Besides, it's. just. a. first. date.

*Note To Single Men: Clearly, you are asking out the wrong women.


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