Saturday, June 27, 2009

Turns out my plan to: 1. Celebrate the grand reopening of EM by devouring bluebucks slathered in syrup and coated in pecans, paired with a side of thick bacon slabs, and 2. Make it to work on time (yeah, Saturday morning, tell me about it) didn't quite pan-out. *Sigh! However I did make it to the newly restored building and wow!, what a restoration.

Eastern Market and I go back. It was the first place I visited when I moved to MD, back in '05. I took the Orange line into the city that sweltering August morning, dawned my FM bag, and relished in what would become a semi-regular Saturday morning tradition. (Nothing like rows of produce, vendors of florists, and a hearty you'll-only-need-to-eat-once-today breakfast to get this gal excited.) EM became my weekend escape. Side note: It's also a gathering spot for others of my faith. Seriously, next time you're there just look for the Mormon smiles, guaranteed you'll see a gathering of saints.

EM often appears in the
off the beaten path section of any good tour book. I'd like to think this is one of many reasons I cherish it so much. Just so happens, I was also there the Saturday before the fated fire of '07. The news was devastating. How could my beloved building be gone? I even made a pilgrimage to inspect the charred interior. A sad day indeed.

Happily, we're back in business. I know many, many posts have already been written about this, but I just needed to add my own small voice. A piece of my heart resides in that city block, and this morning, I sent it fluttering back— to a place as dear to me as summer.


  1. Yay! EM is back? I didn't realize...I love EM! Eat lots and lots of fresh fruit for me. And enjoy the rebirth of your tradition.

  2. Hello! So happy to discover your lovely blog.
    Do you want me to put it as a link from my blog or do you prefer to be "solo". Love your stories.
    Now I can keep better tabs on all your adventures!
    I've been reading previous posts. So fun. I love the way you write.


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