Habit Forming

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This past Sunday, the fifth Sunday of May, culminated in a combined PS/RS lesson in my church. Although I didn't make it to that meeting (reasons perhaps best left for another post), I did manage to get the jist at a dinner gathering later that evening.

CHALLENGE (issued by the bishopric):

1. Read 15 minutes a day (including vacations, weekends, and those mornings when the snooze button taunts 'just once more') from the scriptures.
15 minutes. Every. Day. Until the ward retreat.

"Which is, July, right?" Wrong. End of September.

So the challenge has been issued, and its a good thing, because really I do love a challenge. It's just the spiritual kick I need to get the summer going. Admittedly, I've been lax. My last read through the
BOM took me over a year. Over a year. That's pathetic. Remember when you were challenged to completed it in a mere five months? I mean, PP read it in one night. Fifteen minutes is the least I can do, and know what? I'm not starting at the beginning. Nope. A little something whispered, "Start with Jacob." And so I did.


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