Hi {I like you already}, Nice to Meet You

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is it possible to like someone you've never meet?, and does electronic correspondence (email and text messaging) really constitute as meeting someone?

Well, what if the answer was yes? (That isn't so far-fetched now, is it?) I mean we're liking things all the time. Food. Places. Ideas. Outfits. Music. Why not people? In fact, it might just change the way we meet people or interact with them on a day-to-day basis. What if, each time we meet someone new, regardless of our personal agenda, we went into it with a Hey, I like you already frame of mind? Would it change our relationships? Would it make us richer individuals?

(My mother is good at this. She sees goodness in others. It's one of her talents. My baby blessing, yes, I have a transcription of my baby blessing copied by my aunt Colleen, admonishes me to acquire such attributes. An ongoing quest I assure you.)

In all honestly, what isn't there to like? The slate is clean. 

No haunting memories. 
No baggage. 
No annoying habits. 
No disagreements. 
No political, religious, cultural, moral or ethical differences.

Another human being.
Another soul.
Another person.
With whom the universe might-have-been trying to connect you all along.

I'd like to embrace this kind of liking.


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