Morning Commute

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It astounds me how one act, one decision, one moment can have such a rippling effect. I first heard of the Metro collision from FB status updates yesterday afternoon. Sobering. And although I don't generally ride past the Brookland stop on the red line, I would have been on the red line, headed in the opposite direction of the crash, had I not been returning from vacation. My colleagues could have been on either car and while we wait to find out the victims' names, I'm oddly emotional about the entire incidence. I was riding yesterday. Not on the red line, but on the green and yellow. Hearing the news, I immediately felt bonded to my fellow commuters.

The heartbeat of our Capitol City transports millions each day, it is the life blood of our transportation infrastructure. It used-to-be my only means of transportation. I've grown accustomed to its face; and while it has its moments, I genuinely appreciate metro. The authoritative employees. The rules. The ride across the Potomac. All of it. So, I'm sobered by the fact that these people, those we've lost, were on their way home from work, maybe meeting up with friends for a drink, or off to their daughter's birthday party, or regretful of an argument with a loved one. Like those that were simply going to work at the World Trade Towers or the Oklahoma Federal Building, they had no way of knowing the outcome of their day. I guess none of us do, really.

I ache for families that didn't get to say goodbye. For families that will now have to share such a private pain so publicly. They are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.


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