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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Remember when this request seemed as natural as breathing? It's innate. We humans like stories. We like telling them, creating them, and hearing them. In recent years, I've become obsessed with the stories of others and in a way, my own. Perhaps this accounts for the volumes of journals I kept during adolescence and throughout college. Slowly, I am returning to writing; both with this blog and prosaic pen to paper. More on that later.

Back in March, I had the privledge of listening to one of my public radio heros, Ira Glass, discuss the process of creating a meaningful story. He spoke of attention grabbers from the get-go and like any artist, he made it appear so seamless. Of course asking the right questions (namely
open-ended questions that allow the teller a sort of self-discovery during the process) certainly helps. He mixed on stage, weaving layers of audio that created the emotional pulse of the story. But the real take-away, the one I keep returning to, was to listen better. Just listen. Maybe listening is meant to increase recall, to stimulate memory, or perhaps it's just common courtesy. I tend to believe it's more than that.

To begin:
1. Find a quiet place
2. Select a story (Here, Here, or Here)
3. Listen

Ps. I'd love to know what you think.


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