VA is for Muggers

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apparently, I should have registered my vehicle sooner (within 30 days of moving to Virginia, oops!), but now I'm finally ready to cross it off the to-do list. Part of me wanted to wait until my UT tags expired (is that bad?), another part of me wanted to wait for the vehicle to be mine, really mine— a day that is rapidly approaching. Hear that Zion's?, I'm taking Elsie back.

Slogging through the oodles of requirements (new DL {even though my MD license is good for another two years}, a safety inspection, title, proof of address, completed VSA 17A and insurance), I'm left to wonder: wouldn't it just be easier to go sans-vehicle? I mean, really.
I did it in college. In fact, I did it in g-school. In total, I've only actually owned a car 5 years of my adult life. So why am I so oddly wedded to this metal monetary sap?


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