Patriotic Weekend Roundup

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a splendid 4OJ weekend. Today it's back to a brutal dose of reality, so, for now, I'll relish in posting this little blurb.

Some of my weekend highlights included:

Biking into Georgetown to
rent kayaks with friends.

Discovering the joys of National Harbor (apparently more accessible than ever), over a heaping molcajete of guacamole.

Almost zero humidity. In July?! Seriously. This was the best Independence Day present ever. I'd like to think the Founding Fathers had a little something to do with this.

Crashing a portion of the Midsies weekend (Sunday at the VC) and being pleasantly surprised.

Having one of my g-school friends tell me that she had emailed her friend to ask, "Do you know of any cute Mormon boys that I could introduce my friend to?"

An entire extra day to finally visit Ocean City, MD. (Three hours to beach paradise, I could get use to that.) I confess, despite my better judgment, I indulged in salty vinegar boardwalk fries. Man, they. were. good.

Because it wasn't all roses, some of the lowlights were:

Cranking too sharply over a sizable asphalt lip in a slight drizzle. Result: right wrist breaking my fall, with 100% of my non-petit frame landing hard. Just typing this post is a bit challenging.

A forgettable $3.75 cupcake in Georgetown. Boo.

An entirely too affectionate Persian guy. Come on, No means No.


  1. I'm afraid that I don't understand the meaning of "too affectionate" and "Persian guy" in the same sentence.

    Just me?



  2. Miranda, I LOVE reading your blog. You write so well! I can totally hear you as a read. :)


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