We All Need Mirrors...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The kneeling archer, in his position, was always ready for battle..."

Over the weekend, in the midst of a mini-meltdown, this post was just what I needed.


  1. um, just for the record, I think we would be great friends...and I spent most of my lunch break today reading your entire blog (so THANK YOU for not starting it until May...i don't think I would have had time to read much more).

    love your writing.
    love your "get it"-ness
    LOVED your post on LDSplanet.

    i'm adding you to my google reader.
    (in other words, I'm blog stalking you now.)

  2. you, my dear, are a gem. listened to your Carole Mikita interview on Wednesday evening. again, just what I needed.

    so, I might actually be stalking you.

    Ps. I "stumbled" upon your musings through our mutual friend Ali. I assume you were both DB colleagues/kindred spirits.


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