Weekend Roundup

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Usually my weekend starts at Noon on Friday. (If I was living in the Beehive state I would've had the entire day off, complete with bonnets and creamies.) Sadly, a five hour desk shift, Friday afternoon, was only a precursor of things to come.

Intentions of enjoy Jazz in the Sculpture Garden were dashed when I realized 1) just how sticky a night it was and 2) that every single resident of the District, NOVA, MD and hoards of tourists had descended on my little patch of urban live music. Argh. Plus the fact that something about Jazz and couples picnicking can sometimes be too much for the single gal. (More on that later.)

Because I still had high hopes for my weekend, early Saturday morning I trotted off to King Street for a taste of FM vittles, complete with one peach and one cherry muffin (because I couldn't decide), 2 lbs of peaches, and two giant elastic-bound bunches of basil. Pesto was top of my weekend to-do list.

After that, I met up with Tyler for the third instalment of our how-many-weekends-are-left-in-the-summer? part series of bike rides.
Goal: Bike the Mount Vernon trail to Georgetown, catch a matinee of HP, and ride back.
Turns out, that is 17.5 miles each way. Thirty-five total. I know that because I biked every. one. of. them.

{Aside: for not having seen any of the other HP movies (oh, wait, I did see HP 4 on a first date a few years back, but really only remember that my date's parents were also with us), I enjoyed the film immensely. Alan Rickman, yes. Old man crush, definitely. To my delight one of the family cable channels also happened to be showing several of the other HP movies over the weekend so I caught up on a few of the ones I've missed. Just curious, is there a favorite among fans?}

Sunday morning, somewhere between the hours of, ahh I should be asleep and why is my throat/nasal passage all wonky? I awoke to find that my body had staged a full on revolt.
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  1. Mirada. You have a crush on SNAPE?! That's great. :) I'm guessing you've seen him in Sense and Sensibility?

  2. Alan. Rickman.

    Alan. Rickman.

    Alan. Rickman.

    I'm typing that as slowly as I hear his voice in my head articulating it.

    Heaven help me, he's so sexy.

  3. Sense and Sensibility AND Love Actually.

    His husky voice and devious smile just gets me. Every time.

  4. Once again! I can't believe how much you, Ms. Fourthirtyam and I think alike. Old man crush indeed!


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