10 Things I L O V E August

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's been a week...here's to starting a better month.
1. Getting lost in my annual read...

2. Enjoying hand shucked and naked (making up for years of none, due to metal mouth accessories).

3. Making space for Huntley Meadows at sundown, accompanied by a few east coast delights...

4. Indulging: warm off the vine or swathed in cool dollops of cream. Either way, you can't go wrong.

(Can't you just hear Carol Channing? Razzzzzzzzzzberries!)
5. Recalling summer theatre, but especially UFO.

6. Celebrating a fellow Leo, that still gives me the giggles.

7. Dreaming of those days of yore. Okay, I freely admit it.

8.Sipping my WoW friendly summer tonic...

(Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with a shot of Peppermint. Oooo.)
9. Supporting Screen on the Green, any green. Pull up a blanket and relax.

10. Hearing the story one. more. time.

*Note: All images are courtesy of Google Images. Non-commercial, so please don't prosecute. 
**Second Note: Thanks to fellow blogger for post idea. 
*** Final Note: Notice my concerted efforts at not making every one a food post. Ahem, I think kudos are in order.


  1. Remember how I once said I'd read To Kill a Mockingbird with you over the fall, and then I didn't?

    Well, I'm going to this time!! You'll find me at the library on Monday . . .

  2. @Luci Are you reading? What part are you at?


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