30 Things While I'm 30

Monday, August 3, 2009

* Climb the National Cathedral steps
* Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at night
* Maryland Renaissance Festival
* George Washington's Old Grist Mill
* Free summer Saturday at Corcoran Gallery
* Read Atlas Shrugged (in process)

* Soar to the top of the Empire State Building
* Pay off credit card debt
* Visit dear friends and Yosemite in sunny CA
* Take a wheel throwing pottery class
* Day trip to Fallingwater

* Bahamas
* Hike Calf Creek Falls* Triathlon

* Spend a Saturday hiking the Appalachian Trail
* Washington Printmakers' Gallery

* Monthly visits to Miriam's Kitchen
* Nationals game
* Transcribe Dad's journal

* DC Roller Girls
* Learn how to bake croissants
* Tangier Island
* Niagara Falls

* Skydiving
* Read the New Testament (all of it)
* Phillips Collection
* Colbert Report
* Ride around the National Mall in a Segway
* Wolf Trap
* Fall in love 

DISCLAIMER: list is subject to change at the author's discretion.


  1. Orcas Island is a MUST...a MUST...I did it last July. check it out in my posts.

    (and go alone...and stay at Kingfish Inn...and fly in the biplane. I'll plan the whole thing for you!...grin)

  2. I adore the "fall in love" goal. I adore that goal because it's not yet qualified. As it stands now, you may fall in love with a sexy Doctor. you may fall in love with a new recipe for a decadent desert. You may fall in love with yourself, just as you are, in this very moment.

    I fully support the idea that you fall in love with life. All of it.

    Keep me/us posted!

  3. I love this whole list. I can highly recommend the wheel throwing pottery class. I could write a whole blog post on what that class did for me. In fact, I think I will. My blog has been too long neglected and needs to cheered up quite a bit.


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