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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Friends and finances don't mix.

Somehow I knew this, and yet and yet and yet.

A) Waiting to bring up a financial matter, after being stuck in traffic for four hours, is unwise; B) Discussing any to-be-resolved-roommate/housemate/partner/spouse-issue, financial or not, late at night, usually isn't the brightest idea; and C) Recanting on your word, late at night, is the most offensive of all. *

It reminds me of the conversation I had with a friend of mine, while strolling (more like trying to navigate our lost sorry asses) through the streets of Boston. His comment was something to the effect of saying, "I only trust one person." To which I snidely remarked, "Yourself?" His affirmative response seemed like such a jaded thing to say, at the time... but his words have resonated within me all weekend. Do we only trust ourselves? If that's true, what about all those moment of self-doubt, of not truly trusting ourselves? Furthermore, is it even possible to fully trust another human being? Perhaps this conundrum is really just a reflection of the demise of modern society? After last night's encounter I'm inclined to agree with him. Not because I genuinely believe him, but because this is, perhaps, how we've conditioned ourselves to behave towards one another.

It saddens me. Yet I don't know how to reconcile the facts.

*Note: I am not a late night person. Those that crave nocturnal lucubration may need to take that into consideration.


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