Thursday, September 24, 2009

My brother called me this evening at work. It was time for a break, so I stepped into the fading sun (which, to my dismay, keeps happening earlier) and talked with him.
We talked for a good half-hour.
I relished his voice.

After his school updates and humorous temping experience, he stopped.
I just wanted to say, I've been thinking about your example.
I stopped.

He caught me off-guard like this— mentioning specific life decisions (hardly noteworthy) that have touched a chord in him. Decisions, I admit, that seemed and dare I say seem so solitary.
I forget these spheres of influence and he jolts me back to reality. He rambles on about his new found motivation and ambition to complete two worth-while goals in the coming months. And my heart swells, pleased for his decisions.

But the pleasure in his voice was all the reward I needed.


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