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Monday, October 19, 2009

The shear magnitude of these trees can't be contained in a single image or a collection of verse (although Ansel Adams and John Muir have made a fine attempt). While not as tall as their towering cousin, the Redwoods, these trees exude a strength that can last over three millennia. Can you believe that? Three Millennia. And while entrepreneurial exploits plagued their serene existence the last half of the 19th century, modern conservation and preservation efforts (including this simple sign post) and brilliant documentaries have begun to restore a habitat that once flourished without human interference. It's reassuring to be reminded how magnanimous these Sequoias are to us, mere mortals.

We kept remarking how incredible it was to experience the Park in an off-season sort of way. It was busy, but not overwhelming. Upon our arrival, after checking into our little camp spot, we drove to capture some twilight images of Half Dome and the Arches. My meander across the boardwalk revealed an entire graveyard of spent coreopsis stalks lingered amongst the dried autumn grass. It made me wonder: just how lovely would you be, in the height of a Californian summer?

The dear friends that moved across the country and inspired my visit.


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