Friday, October 2, 2009

Working with the public can be, well, interesting. I suppose summer's lull has simply heightened my attention to the humor of my day-to-day.

1. Anyone that starts a conversation with the salutation Greetings is bound to be a little touched.

3. LOLing in a public space, make that a traditionally quiet public space, is frowned upon.
(I choose to take the non-enforcer approach when it comes to occasional outbursts...however that benevolence does not extend to include cell phone conversations. Yeah, that means you.)

4. If the printer doesn't have an OUT OF ORDER sign slapped to its front assume it is working. In which case, please don't bother asking me if it works.

5. If it looks like I'm just typing away and not paying attention to you it does not mean I'm writing an email. That, my friend, is called virtual reference. Which can be tricky when the phone is ringing and you see a high maintenance faculty member walk right into your peripheral.

Ps. The only thing getting me through this shift is the magic of a can-almost-make-me-forget stick on heating pad.


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