10 Things I L O V E November

Sunday, November 1, 2009

1. How autumn lingers on the east coast.

2. Visiting family in Georgia for Thanksgiving.

3. Open Enrollment.
(Hey, at least I have insurance. Right?)
4. Sweet Potatoes.

(Confession: I buy these by the case load @ Costco.)

5. Seven fewer Metro stops.

6. Attending this woman's lecture.

(Seriously, I have her dissertation on order.)

7. The pungent aroma of wood burning stoves.

8. Soup, soup, and more soup. Specifically: Pho.

(Please begin an intervention.)

9. Memories of Pie Day.

(Invented and happily resurrected by a very smart friend.)

10. Returning to the lap of Queenland luxury.


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