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Monday, November 16, 2009

November officially marked the beginning of overindulgence and last week was an especially gluttonous week.

So, what have I been up to?

1. Pie filling and fulfilling my calling.
Upon discovering I had a budget to blow through by the end of the year, I decided it was high time to get my crafty on and send my fhe partner into the mission field with a bang. These little single-serving-pie-in-a-jar treats are just too adorable! I'm thinking I'll whip up a few more of these in the next few weeks, and this time I'll actually give them away.

2. Snacking and Serving.
Since learning about the Capitol Food Fight a few months back and scoffing at the $100 ticket price, I signed up to, what else, volunteer. The event took place at the Ronald Regan Building last Wednesday night and as the largest annual fundraiser for the DC Central Kitchen I was delighted to promote a mission I fully support by offering my services at the registration table. Top chefs, like Anthony Bourdain and Jose Andres, gathered to battle it out on the stage, followed by a live auction, and table after table of the most tempting tastings from 60 top-notch area restaurants. Um, yeah I was pretty much in food paradise.
New To Me gustatory flavors included: fois gras, caviar, pumpkin marshmallows, and pork salt.

3. Tweeting and Tasting.
Thursday evening I managed to make it just in time,
after an hour delay waiting for AAA to charge my car battery, to gather with fellow social media foodies at a swanky hotel in Old Town. It was a little different that I anticipated (read: we did not spend the entire two hours tweeting), but rather learning about the different savory and fruity qualities of extra virgin olive oil. Shot after shot of peppery pungent liquid left my throat a little shell shocked; fortunately, the balsamic vinegar melded into my palette sending me to another planet. Seriously. It took all my might to resisted imbibing directly from the display bottle.

4. Pre-Thanksgiving Baking.
And finally, a few weeks ago I got really brave and hauled myself out to a Midsies institute class. I figured how bad could it be? Crazy me, I even signed up to bring a dessert to the upcoming T-Day dinner. Yeah, this is what they call cushioning the blow, right? After receiving multiple reminders about my previous commitment I decided to dull the pain with sweet potato love. You can find the recipe here. (However since I have no clue why Southerners find it acceptable to pair sweet potato pie with a meringue topping, I concocted a pecan brown sugar creation of my own.) I even managed to have a really enjoyable time mingling with the Midsies Saturday night. All-in-all it wasn't bad. That is, after we ditched the Kenny G music.


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