What not to Say

Friday, November 13, 2009

I have an entire mental catalog of moronic statements men have uttered to me. These run the spectrum. Some occurred on a first date. Others, after a casual canoodling session. Some even from people I've dated.

"You know, I really dig red heads."
"Actually, I'm perfectly fine bringing polygamy back."
"It's okay. My Mom was overweight too."
"You're more like a sister to me."

But last night topped the cake.

Patting my midsection.
"And baby makes three."

Telling a woman she looks pregnant, even in jest, is BAD form. Proceeding to tell that woman she should have lots of babies, to make up for the offensive, is even worse!

Way to get my feminist ire up.
Thanks, jack a*%.


  1. That is so terrible. They deserve to be punched.

  2. Wowza ! Men continue to amaze and baffle me.

    A friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend and get this.....are you sitting down....when she asked for a reason why he wanted to break up his reply was (in all seriousness) "Well, you wear really big accessories." That was his only reason. Are you kidding me. I do believe I have now heard it all....we can all make a list of reasons a dating relationship must end but the size of a girls jewerly seems ridiculous as an excuse.

  3. Heh heh heh. Maybe he was intimidated. You know, because I hear size is important to men.

  4. Oh. My. What an idiot.

    p.s. I get the redhead thing a lot. Usually from geek techies.


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