January's Food Finds

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A blogger I follow over at We Love DC does an extensive post of her food eats each month. While I'm not a professional food writer, nor do I get the perks of her dining budget, I thought I'd purvey my palatable pleasures just as something I'm trying out. It may not last, but at least I'll have an added incentive (not that I need one) to make the most of my dining experiences.

Where I've Been: ACKC Cocoa Bar, Grace's Mandarin, Poste, Thai Peppers, Zengo, and Zentan.

Bread Basket: Hand's down this award goes to Poste Modern Brasserie. One word: butter. Okay, a few more words.
Our bread basket ranneth over with selections of plump golden dinner rolls, crusty French baguette slices, and moist butter laden herb biscuits— by far the most sumptuous selection of the three.
Soup/Salad: It hardly seems fair to give this award to the one and only contestant, but I always enjoy a hearty french onion soup, which also came courtesy of Poste. (Although I don't recommend this option on a date.)
Appetizer: The dragon roll sushi served over at Grace's Mandarin in National Harbor was sheer perfection. I'll be needing another round of that come summer time.
Too bad for the steep ticket price though.
Main Dish: A toss up, but whenever salmon is involved, I'm gonna go with it. While Zentan isn't on my return list, they did serve up a nice seared salmon over, get this, a heaping mound of wasabi mashed potatoes as one of their Restaurant Week selection. Green eggs and...well, more like kicky green whipped potatoes.
Dessert: Zengo's demi portion of rich chocolate mousse paired with four little finger-sized warm cinnamon churros made me quiver. Seriously. I was instructed to dip the churros into the mousse. What could I do but greedily comply.


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