Kojo & Brookland

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When I work late I usually drive to work. On that drive I listen to our local radio program. (Eastern Doug Fabrizio.) Well, today Kojo was musing with local restaurateurs and food critics about the abundance of Ethiopian cuisine in the area.


Thing is, for the rest of the afternoon I had a hankerin'. In a bad way.

Hence it was only natural that I wound up in sketch hood, aka Brookland, for dinner. I had to snag some Jamaican jerk chicken.
(It makes sense in my head.)

Slipping back to my car I noticed something odd hanging off the backside of a stranger's pants.

Waaay past his rear end.
Past his knee-cap.
Almost sweeping the asphalt.
I had to do a discreet double-take.

Because in all honesty, for a split-second, I thought the guy had a genuine Wild Thing tail.
Turns out, the dreadlock strikes again.


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