Thursday, March 11, 2010

I get antsy easy.
My grandma is always saying, No grass grows under your feet.
Maybe I'm just irresponsible and it's a phase I'll eventually grow out of.

I'm undertaking something that keeps beckoning to my soul.

Yesterday, I had a lengthy (2.5 hr) interview. Yeah, it pretty much sucked.

Today, I started answering questions to a required addendum.
2. How do you feel about the use of pesticides and/or herbicides? Please explain.
Studies have repeatedly shown that using such substances contributes to soil depletion, are harmful to the environment, contribute to poor health among low income workers, alter pollinator ecosystems, and negatively impact crop palatableness. My gardening experience leads me to believe that there are enough alternatives to pesticide and herbicide application that those methods should be implemented whenever possible, thus promoting sustainable agriculture throughout the world.
3. Are you a vegetarian? Are you willing to work on projects related to raising and slaughtering animals?
I am not a vegetarian, although I have given up red meat altogether. Understanding the cycle from pasture to plate is a fascinating and often misunderstood process and I would be happy to work on these types of projects. (Maybe I should have just had them read this.)
4. Would you be interested in receiving training for, and working in, beekeeping programs? If yes, have you ever been stung? What was the reaction?
Absolutely! (Too strong?)
I had the opportunity to receive an intensive training through my Master Gardner extension program, but I was unable to attend and have been intrigued about beekeeping in both rural and urban areas ever since. I have been stung once, while trimming yew hedges, and only had a sore red swelling for a couple days. (Applying a mud pack seemed to alleviate my symptoms.)

So begins phase three of a very looong process.

Ps. Did I mention I'm scared as s*%t?


  1. i'm so confused.
    did i miss something?

    what are you doing?
    SO curious.

  2. more details to follow.

    what i know thus far.
    -estimated departure


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