Utah State University: A True Story

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little wonder how I ended up attending Utah State University. Because if you had asked the 18 year-old me, she'd have had an entirely different version of where her storybook life was headed. And while I may/ may not be a bona fide "True Aggie," my USU experience was genuine in other regards.

USU is where I had my first asked-out-by-a-guy date.
(And where I subsequently rearranged my walking routine so that I could pass him on campus every Tuesday and Thursday.)

USU is where I learned how to set up my first email account.

USU is where I learned to successfully stalk my middle-aged history professor and fantasize over his embroidered cuff monikers.

USU is where I discovered Seinfeld (five years after it was off the air).
USU is where I discovered how to master transport of groceries on a bicycle.

USU is where I formed opinions broader than my own and attended a lesbian poetry reading.

USU is where I formed the Gerontology Student Association.

USU is where I listened to a modern day prophet.
USU is where I listened to music so beautiful it made me cry.

USU is where I decided to serve a mission.
And where I later discovered He had other plans for me.

USU is where I gave up spring break because I adored my ladies so much.
USU is where I gave up chocolate for an entire year.

USU is where my parents got their degrees.
USU is where I moved five times in one year.

USU is where I worked out problems digging in the earth.
USU is where I discovered caramel Italian sodas.
USU is where I sewed pioneer clothing and volunteered on a 1910 historical farm.

USU is where I almost got arrested.
USU is where I dreamed of becoming a world renowned poet.
USU was where so much of my story began.

It was with an optimism reserved for the young and fairly naive. (Recalled most vividly by Pollyanna journal entries.) It was epic highs and crushing lows.

I remember being ready to graduate young and get married at the sensible age of 25. I remember thinking it was a place I never wanted to leave.

I didn't.
And I did.

In a way,
this was only a chapter...
with the rest of the story still being written.


  1. Ahh USU. I.LOVE.THIS.BLOGPOST!!! So much of my story began and played itself out there. It has a special place in my heart too. And don't worry too much about being a "true" Aggie. It's nothing too dramatically special.


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