Writing It Down

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It could be the return of sunshine.
Hel-lo, lover!

Or perhaps I'm still basking in the glow of a fantastic weekend.
(Wound up entering a bajillion drawings at the Travel & Adventure show.)

Maybe I'm simply anticipating this coming four day weekend.
(Family. Isn't it about taking time off when they come out to visit you?)

Or, it could be I'm still a little giddy about seeing my secret (shhh, don't tell)
crush on my morning commute.
(And we even had a decent, albeit short, conversation. Despite one person sitting, the other standing, and unspoken haven't-had-my-morning-coffee-yet public transportation rules.)

But if I dig deeper, I think this happiness has a little something to do with taking time to Write. It. Down.

It's only been a week.
And I only do it at night.
But I'm doing it.
And honestly, gratitude in writing changes things.
It just does.
(Glad I had the foresight to listen, and heed, a dear friend's advice.)


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