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Friday, April 9, 2010

The quest to find a perfect book club is almost as complex as
finding an honest mechanic;
an OBGYN you trust;
the most delectable raspberry creme brule

In other words, it's tough.

After giving an exclusive group a go back in February I decided exclusive book club just isn't my style. So, I resigned myself to the social desolation of Goodreads and decided a better book club was imminently on the horizon.
Know what?
It was.

A friend, whom I'd previously been in a book club with in Salt Lake City, announced she was forming a new iteration of the group in the DC/NOVA area and did I want to be a part of it?

Did I?

And more importantly, yes.
You see, I already knew that this club would be different.
The people.
The books.
The conversation.
And it was.

Last night was our first meeting and our assignment for the evening was to show up at the appointed hour and bring three books that we were interested in reading for the year.
After roll was taken (so efficient, right?), rules were established.

1. No one could get kicked out of the book club.
2. We could read anything (meaning censorship was banned).
3. Men, for the most part, were excluded based on the decision that the emotional investment needed to lure them to the club was hardly worth the effort. (However, they weren't outright excluded. We're a very inclusive group.)
4. Strong opinions welcomed.

We then did a loop around the circle to hear the three recommendations from each member, which serendipitously numbered 12 exactly. Round two consisted of a vote from each member, minus the recommender, so that we could establish our literary calendar. Perhaps the most interesting part wasn't the selected titles, but the 24 options left on the cutting room floor.
Hoo boy!

A sampling of what remained.

Wild SwansAhab's Wife
Interpreter of Maladies
Made to Stick
Making of African America
Shadow of the Wind
These is my Words
Song of the Exile
The Book Thief

A sampling of what we selected.Salt
The Zookeeper's Wife
God in the Dock
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
A Walk in the Woods


  1. Men were excluded but were not outright excluded? Paradox much?

    You know I would totally show up and hijack your conversation just to piss you all off! But oh no, don't allow me to get all emotional on you lot.

    Enjoy your time together! :-D

  2. Ahh, the paradox of literary women.
    And no, I didn't alphabetize the listings...

  3. Fun!
    I miss being in a book club. It hasn't really come up much out here . . .


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