CSA baby

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Early spring, back when the weather still teetered between the brutality of winter blasts and the hope of a new beginning, I started exploring the option of buying into a local CSA. It was an exciting prospect and since I already had the longstanding summer tradition of weekly trips to the Farmers Market (either the Downtown FM in SLC, Penn Quarter, or Old Town Alexandria), it just made sense. Both to my palette and my wallet.* So, I asked a dear friend to split the cost of a full-share for a total of 16 weeks, making us the proud parents of a CSA baby. My first!

I give you: Potomac Vegetable Farm Share, Week 1.

(From left to right: sugar snap/snow peas, eggs, beets, oregano, chard, dill, huge lettuce head, kohlrabi, garlic curls, and buttermilk bread.)

*In truth, the cba of this venture will likely be a wash...since I'll still need to supplement with fresh fruit and cheese during my weekly outings.


  1. This is really very cute. So glad your life took a turn for the better. good luck to you for the future. and thank you for sharing your life with your readers


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