Summer Reading: Final Thoughts

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Summer started with a classic novel, then moved into a fast-paced international mystery (which made me ache to plan a trip to Spain).
Followed, finally, by a collection of this, that, and the other.

On occasion, I get into a reading funk. Does that ever happen to you? Why is that? Fortunately, my funk only lasted two weeks and was shattered by the brilliance of one Anne Fadiman*. Her little book about books was a delicious celebration of language, editing, inscriptions, and reading on location. All in a digestible essay format.

In addition, I've picked up Salt: A World History for the next book club selection and The Story of San Michele, inspired by my trip to Italy (which yes, I do eventually plan on writing about). My hope is, that it will satiate my reoccurring dream of purchasing a vacation home on the intoxicating island of Capri and eating gelato the rest of my days.

*Ms. Fadiman is a kindred spirit and no true bibliophile could argue otherwise.


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