So Much

Thursday, February 3, 2011

And not enough.

I have a great deal I'd like to say. Brilliant blog posts bubbling in the back of my brain. For now though I'll just say Thank You.

Thank you for my health. (January was one long wretched month.)
Thank you for the promise of spring. (Forsythias are fighting to burst forth.)

Thank you for hearing even what I can't/don't articulate.
Thank you for tears. (The soppy kind that cleanse. Stop. Then cleanse again.)
Thank you for stereo vision.
Thank you for future weekend getaways. (This time to NYC with the boy.)
Thank you for browned butter and cookie swaps.
Thank you for dramatic femme fatals that belt crazy out all over the stage.

Life is good. Staying away can sometimes mean that life off screen is a bit more exciting. I'd say that's definitely the case for this gal.

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