Early Birds

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nearly a year ago, when my now husband and I became engaged and he moved around the corner from where I lived, we decided to incorporate an exercise routine into our weekly schedule. This meant every Monday and Thursday, his telecommute days, we walked. A three mile loop at 5:00am. I’m a morning person so this made perfect sense to me. I’ve never been one of those people that can work an entire day, deal with the hassle of commuting, then show up at the gym for an intense cardio session.  I mean when do these people eat dinner?  For me, if I don’t move my body in the morning, well, it just doesn’t happen. GH, who is not a morning person, has never once complained about our early routine.   

This morning, as we stepped into the cool moist blackness, splitting cobwebs apart crossing the street, I felt at ease. I reminded myself to stay present, to focus on my breath rather than rush ahead forecasting the unknown future. I consciously stayed on the task at hand. Putting one foot in front of the other. This is when I noticed the black shadows of trees and telephone poles. When my ears perked to the boisterous chorus of crickets and cicadas. When I inhaled deep whiffs of warm honeysuckle and fallen ripe fruit. When I glanced at all the sleeping houses, knowing they soon would be bustling of energy. Poised to greet the rising sun, my pace quickened and I took off, happy to be in that exact moment.

Ps. Should anyone ask, there were no birds. I suppose East Coast birds just like to sleep in.


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