Friday Favorites: Autumn

Friday, September 14, 2012

For as long as I can remember autumn* held all the magical charm of returning to school. A season of learning and hunkering down into more disciplined days. It meant Sunday drives through the canyons of my youth, where my dad would pull over at that perfect spot and arrange us into a still image among the glorious foliage. (A tradition I continued in college. Gathering roommates for an autumn photo shoot surrounded by hues of pomegranate and tawny.) My grandparents had a giant apple tree in their backyard, which meant we would rake mounds of leaves, and then jump haphazardly into the pile. Autumn is a season of transition. Of seeing what was always right before our eyes, the pigment becoming visible. It's the time of year I am reminded of renewal. Not in the way spring reminds me of that feeling, but in a more reflective and perhaps somber way. 

I've been lucky to live in various places that celebrate a quarterly shift in seasons. I can hardly imagine not having that change throughout the year. Harvest season reminds me to collect my experiences and memories of the past year and celebrate my abundant life. It reminds me of meeting GH two years ago and his special request in the autumn of 2011. It reminds me to celebrate friends and those I hold dear. It reminds me of how good life truly is. Some of my favorite ways to bask in autumn's glory are pressing ginkgo and maple leaves between piles of books. Baking. Making and mailing cards. Sipping ginger tea. And apple picking. And, of course, Sunday drives hunting for vistas of vibrant color. This season, more than the others, reminds me that there's so much to inhale and enjoy and such a fleeting moment to do it. 

May you live in it fully. 

Apple picking at Homestead Farms.   
Tea and muffins. 
Scarf inventory. 
Back to school/work supplies. 

* I believe the grandeur of this season is far too beautiful to be called fall. 


  1. Going apple-picking with you is one of my favorite memories!

    1. Mine too! And this year the jonagolds were especially delicious. Really hoping they have a pick-your-own near our new home.


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