Friday Favorites: {Guest Post by Amy}

Friday, September 28, 2012

Amy is a children’s librarian, avid reader, wanna-be novelist, traveler and seeker of adventure. She blogs over at Happiness is….

I consider myself a very sensual person.  No, not that kind (otherwise I wouldn’t spend quite so many Friday nights catching up on TV reruns).  Rather I find myself very affected and inspired by my senses, as I'm sure many of us do. Memories are always stronger when there's a sense attached to it and experiences are richer when one takes the time to attend to how your senses are affected. While it's hard to choose one favorite or outstanding item I've picked a couple of things that stimulate each of my various senses.

Touch--Interestingly enough (given my use of the word ‘sensuous’ earlier) this is the one that affects me least (or maybe it's just the one I attend to least). I have been known to wander into fabric stores on occasion to caress the various satins, flannels, velours… Blankets are purchased primarily by feel however and my nephews don't get a stuffed animal from me that hasn't passed the touch test.

Taste--I’m about to start a nutritional cleanse and in thinking of all the things I’m not going to be able to eat for a while, those are the things that come first to mind…fresh baked bread, dark chocolate, cheesy pizza, chocolate chip cookies, a super thick milk shake. Too often in our American culture we eat on the go, in such a hurry to get to the next place that we fail to taste what we are eating (though in the case of the majority of the fast food and crap we ingest in the name of food that's probably not such a bad thing). I challenge you to slow down and truly savor the next thing that goes into your mouth. Take small bites, chew it thoroughly, let it linger on your tongue...and if you don't like the experience maybe that's an indication that you should be eating something different!

Sight--I’ve always been drawn to color. As a child I would pore through my mother’s Avon book looking at all the various shades of eye shadow, lipstick and nail polish. When making childhood trips to the hardware store I’d come home with pockets full of paint chips (confession, I might not have grown out of this). I wrote papers on the emotional and psychological effects of color in college, took art and design classes in high school spending hours combining paints, swatches and samples to create just the right mood or feel for a room or piece. And now I scrapbook, crochet and craft so that I can wander the aisles taking in the rainbow of papers, yarns and images. I've also just started reading this book which is a fascinating look at the history of colors, dyes, paints and such. 

Sound--I spend a lot of time talking music on my blog but for a slightly different track let's go with the more natural route. We spend so much of our time begin bombarded by sounds, some pleasant and some not-so-much that sometimes just the absence of sounds is the best sound of all. Who doesn't get a bit of a thrill out of hearing the ocean crash? Or listening to rain spatter against your window as you're drifting off to sleep? Or better yet hearing the chirping of crickets and the crackling of a campfire on dark summer nights. When I was visiting the coast of Maine I was entranced by the sound of the ocean in a particular bay. The beach was littered with rocks about the size of my fist and as the waves came in you'd hear the initial familiar crash followed by the sound of the rocks rolling and tumbling against each other as the water retreated back to the ocean. It sort of sounded like a million wraps popping all at the same time. 

Smell--Most people associate smell with taste and they definitely correlate in my world (the aforementioned bread, and chocolate topping the list as well as vanilla and citrus) but my fave smells are also often tied to my fave sounds; the music of nature if you will. The scent of pine and campfires, the dirt or even a concrete sidewalk just after rain, and the ocean. Always the ocean.

So tell me, what turns you on? 


  1. I love this so much. The sensory + memory connection is really dear to me (re: Also, so happy to have found your blog, Amy.


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