Housing Update

Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm back from the Show Me state and happy to report we have a place to live! Actually, I've been back for a couple days. Turns out, quitting your job, looking for a new job, moving to a new city, and finding a new place to live is a stressful proposition. Translation: I  took an early leave in an effort to restore sanity and hope to our relationship. That was a good decision. 

As to the process of actually finding a suitable place to live, well, that took some doing. We looked at a lot of different homes the first couple of days. Most were not in good neighborhoods. I kept thinking we'd find something with an amazing interior and the neighborhood wouldn't make that much of a difference. Wrong. At one point Gentleman Husband told me he wouldn't be joining me on our bi-weekly three mile walk if we lived in said sketchhood, which immediately made me reconsider our approach. We also discovered that it isn't uncommon for landlords in St. Louis to make tenants pay for all utilities, including sewer, trash, and water. Which obviously impacted our budget concerns. The other big issue was that of laundry facilities. Most washer/dryer units were located in dank moldy unfinished basements; spaces prone to flooding and not really suitable for making anything clean.

Enter magic house number 10. This space was actually listed over a month ago at a higher price and we had briefly entertained the possibility, but figured it would be off the market by the time we were ready to move in. We were happy to see it resurface during our search and figured the reason it hadn't been rented yet was that most people didn't want to live over a business. Since that wasn't an issue for us we scheduled a viewing with the property manager and quickly learned that the business sold wine barrels and only operates a few hours a day. 

Apartment 2A is a gorgeous space. With freshly painted pistachio walls, hardwood floors, tall ceilings, an enormous bathroom with double sinks!, and a back bedroom that will happily fit a king bed. Of course we didn't get everything we wanted and I'll have to sacrifice not having an outdoor garden space or gas stove, but in the end we both know that this will be temporary quarters for us. Plus it is less than a mile to Trader Joe's and Forrest Park (St. Louis' equivalent of Central Park). After all the searching we are happy with our decision and hope to entertain many visitors in the coming year. 

In my maxed out state I didn't manage to take any pictures while we were there. Stay tuned for a sneak peek.  


  1. Double sinks will save your marriage! Seriously.

  2. Thanks, ladies! I'm convinced that double sinks and a king bed are the key to a successful marriage.


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