Moving On

Monday, September 24, 2012

Music Monday is on hold this week as I am writing from the Business Center of our temporary quarters, where hotel management thinks blocking YouTube makes people safer and using IE as a web browser is somehow acceptable. Huh?
We arrived last week and I'm happy to report that I've learned a few things:
1. Fuel is $3.51 a gallon here. Did you catch that? Did you do the math? That's a bargain!  
2. Living in 200sq feet with your significant other is kind of like being on a deserted island, only with wifi and room service. It also makes for interesting conversations about the cultural significance and value of the arts vs. sports, which then morphs into how hosting a dinner party with a Jackson Pollock theme might be the best way to make friends in our new home.
3. Going to church doesn't have to be painful. Fortunately, our new congregation has some getting-to-know-you activities scheduled for the week, which means I'll be making an appearance at the ladies gathering. (Can I auction off friend-for-a-day passes? That way I can vet folks for foodie tendencies, music tastes, and political leanings before I commit to anything more serious?)
4. Pumpkin pancakes in college town dives taste AMAZING. Add a side of scrambled eggs and home fries all for $7.60 with tax and you might just have the best breakfast money can buy.
Stay tuned for more insights on our new digs and new life.


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