Notes from the Road

Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Thursday morning and we've been on the road for less than 24 hours, heading west on our three day road trip. We left a day ahead of schedule, which means we can take our time about things. Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts I'm sending a little blog love via the road. The movers arrived early Monday morning and it was a mass of cardboard, paper, and packing tape. Two women did what would have taken me an entire week in four short hours. (I guess that's what happens when you're a professional and all.) The moving guys came Tuesday morning and loaded up the truck with most of our worldly possessions. We had to pull out the big guns and work with the city because a couple cars had parked in our paid reserved spots, but thankfully law enforcement was on our side this time. And what did I do during all this chaos?  Sat around and ate Mexican chocolate truffles and filed my nails, because I'm awesome like that. In my sloath, I couldn't help thinking how having professional movers is a bit like flying first class, it's hard to ever go back once you see how the other half lives.

We don't really have an itinerary for the next few days, but figure with a full tank of gas, a road atlas, and John Denver we've got all we really need for driving halfway across the country. So if this space gets quite for the next couple days you'll know we're frequenting chain hotels and scouting out local dives along our route. Suitcase living and travel sized toiletries is our gig for the next little while; which isn't so bad when you try to imagine relocation to be like some exotic adventure. Wish us luck along our journey.


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