Sky Meadows State Park

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spending time in nature nourishes my soul. Going to the mountains or escaping to the woods, much like Thoreau, has a way of healing the broken parts and restoring a sense of peace and balance to my life. Two years ago, when GH and I were newly dating, I decided it was time to test the waters of our relationship compatibility. Which, in my mind, meant only one thing. Road trip. We settled on a day trip, with the prospects of hiking and evening star gazing—talk about a winning combination! Soon this peaceful getaway (only an hour and a half drive outside Washington, DC), became one of our favorite spots to visit. Yesterday, we spent the day soaking in the beauty of this gorgeous park; remembering our engagement day that happened one year ago today. 

Our route consisted of a stop at the Upper Crust Bakery in Middleburg, VA before reaching the park. After that we hiked from the parking lot up the North Ridge trail, which is a bit of a steep climb. (Bring plenty of water.) At the top we turned right onto the Appalachian trial, which opened onto a breathtaking golden meadow. Finally, we ended on the Ambassador Whitehouse trail, which took us back to our starting place. The entire loop was about 4.5 miles and took us around 2.5 hours. If you have never experienced Sky Meadows State Park I'd highly encourage you to plan a weekend outing. 


  1. I totally agree that a road trip or vacation is a great way to test a relationship! After spending ten straight days with my boyfriend I couldn't stand him. Two hours after we were settled in our apartments upon retuning home, we missed each other. Now we have been married ten years and things are great.

    1. Ten years is awesome! Hopefully we can say the same in 9.5 years .
      Ps. So happy to have an IG reader posting a comment!

  2. This is on my list to do this month! Can't wait!


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