Friday Favorites: Travel Tips

Friday, October 26, 2012

In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration. 
Ansel Adams

I live with perpetual wanderlust. Travel gets under my skin and it's hard to resist the Siren's call. Whether I'm throwing together an overnight bag or loading up a 30 lb backpack, I've discovered that taking familiar travel items with me makes the entire experience more enjoyable. 

Here are a few of my favorite things to pack when heading off on a new adventure.  

1. Camera and extra batteries. Duh. Who doesn't want to capture images of foreign vistas? Snapshots of faraway architecture, food, and faces is half the fun of reliving those experiences once they are over. I generally travel with two cameras just to be safe. 

2. Earplugs. After my airplane injury last year I never, no never travel without earplugs. In fact, my doctor said that because of significant pressure changes during flight wearing earplugs the entire time is really the smartest way to go. So throw in a package of wax earplugs, like these, and be glad you're a savvy traveler. 

3. Snacks. Traveling hungry gets old fast. Granola bars or trail mix is a winning way to fend off grouchy hunger moments. I'm also a fan of carrying edamame, raw nuts, string cheese, and fruit snacks along the way.

4. Non-wrinkle dress. (I guess this doesn't apply to the gentlemen, sorry guys.) But seriously ladies, you NEED to have one of these when you travel. I suggest a neutral color that you can pair with various layers and scarfs. Who knows, you may even end up swimming in the Mediterranean in your versatile smock. (Check out Athleta for some classy and comfortable options.)

5. Knife and spoon. In my day-to-day life I carry a spoon in my purse at all times. It comes in handy more often than you'd imagine. This summer I added a four-inch picnic knife to my travel bag. Having a sharp utensil for divvying up crisp apples and cheese at an impromptu picnic is a travel essential. 

6. Thank you cards. Sometimes it's just nice to leave your host(ess) a little note. Guaranteed they'll appreciate the gesture.  

7. Foldable bag. I simply can't live without these. My little orange bag lives permanently in my purse. When I travel I simply transfer it to my carry on bag. Besides, having an extra tote to bring travel goodies home in is sure handy. 

8. Umbrella. Boston is one of my favorite cities, but I can't tell you how many times I've been caught unawares without an umbrella in that town. Now I simply leave an umbrella in my travel suitcase.  

9. Cashmere cardigan. Oh yes, I just upped the travel ante. Recently I invested in a nice piece of clothing that I could wrap myself in during air travel. Generally speaking I freeze the first half of a flight and then finally settle into a comfortable temperature. Funny how taking care of the basics can make such a difference. 

10. Water bottle. We all know breathing circulated air saps the moisture right out of you. I make a conscious effort to stay hydrated, both when flying and when traipsing about a new city. Trust me, dehydration is not fun for anyone. Rather than spending money on plastic bottles I just carry a bottle with me. 

11. First Aid Kit. No, not the music group, although I did mention them recently, I'm talking sunscreen, aspirin, and band aids. Smart travels know not to leave home without them. 

12. Loaded iDevice and a good book. Sometimes you just have to entertain yourself. 

Anything I missed? What are some of your favorite things to take with you when traveling?  


  1. And where is your next big adventure taking you? I must get planning one for myself. Life just doesn't seem complete without a trip on the horizon!


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