Hosting Sunday Supper

Monday, October 29, 2012

Last night we entertained our first dinner guests in our new home. After it was all over I was reminded of the first time we hosted Sunday supper as a newly married couple. We had a family of five over (two adults and three young children). Eeek! While I made a menu that I thought the kids would enjoy (turkey sliders with all the fixins' and fries) it was such an ordeal in our small kitchen that I thought we might never host again. Fortunately, if I've learned anything from my chef crush, Ina, it's this: keep it simple. 

I started preparations for Sunday supper on Friday. I found the perfect blue mason jar at a local antique shop then bought a few stocks of baby's-breath to give the jar new life. Simple. Next I created a geometric table runner with brown kraft paper and white acrylic paint. Also very simple. Then I set the table. Getting those details out of the way made preparing the menu that much easier. 

Saturday night I whipped up a pumpkin cheesecake that could sit in the fridge overnight, because that's the beauty of easy desserts. Sunday, after church, I assembled a roast pork butt with apricots and apples. (Tip: I don't eat meat often, but when I do I want it to taste good. That means selecting a bone-in meat cut rather than a boneless option, because that's how the meat stays moist and falls off the bone. Now you know.) The recipe was simple and cooked in a covered pot for 2.5 hours. Finally, I made a batch of roasted Brussels sprouts with red chili flakes and a squeeze of lemon juice added right before serving. 

While I had fun with all the preparations and the meal turned out perfectly it was tough getting to know our guests. There were several moments during the evening where I just wanted to teleport my friends into our kitchen. People that I had a history with. Friends that knew my stories and I knew theirs. Friends that simply shared that ease of familiarity. Our evening was another reminder that I'm still adjusting. Trying on my new life and doing my best to give it my all. 


  1. you're fancy. that's really soon to have dinner guests already -- good for you!

  2. I admire you so much for trying, though! Steven and I still struggle with this. And we've been in CA for 3 years . . .


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