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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Great Wall of Post-Its
Early in our dating life, on our first New Year's Eve trip in fact, I decided it would be clever to create a Post-it board of all the things we wanted to accomplish in the coming year. (This only happened because I was fairly hopeful about the prospects of spending time together on a regular basis. Fortunately, my hunch was right.)

Creating a Post-it board is not an original idea. So no points there. You probably already have Post-it notes covering your cubicle and stuffed into the bottom of your purse. Right? Making an annual Post-it board, however, is ten times more AWESOME. What does it entail? I'm glad you asked. We both write up ideas (usually 10-12 per person) and then take turns sharing. Neither of us have vetoed ideas in the past, but I suppose that could happen. Also, our board isn't hard-and-fast. If we have to amend something that's okay. (This year, for instance, we didn't get to one place in DC before moving. No big deal.) 

Since then, our Post-it board has become an annual tradition. And we all know how big I am on traditions. Plus having colorful visual reminders of places to visit and new hobbies to try is a happy incentive. Once tasks are complete we move them to the left side of the board, keeping the right side for things we have yet to accomplish. One of my favorite Post-it notes from January 2012 was one GH wrote. He suggested we each read a book the other one selected. I choose The Book Thief for him and he selected Assassin's Apprentice for me. I finished the book this past weekend. What I liked best about this exchange was being introduced to a genre of fiction I wouldn't otherwise have picked on my own. Trying something new, even mixing up your reading selections, is mentally refreshing. Who knows, I might even read the rest of the trilogy. 

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  1. wonderful idea! i'm doing something like this for my to do list. not working as well and definitely not as fun.


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