Settling In

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's been nearly two weeks since we landed in our new Midwest home. Two weeks, wow! One of those weeks was spent living in a hotel (which sounds exotic until you actually do it). Currently, we are in the process of settling into our own place. Settling. Doesn't that connote such a level of permanence and finality? Since this is a phase of discovery, being anything other than transient is difficult to imagine right now. However, I can't help thinking what it might be like to become attached to this corner of the world. Falling for its pace and simplicity. 

On one of my outings last week I met a woman who had recently opened a pie shop. She told me how she had also relocated from DC for her husband's job many years ago. Then, with the wisdom of age, she specifically mentioned how St. Louis was such an easy place to live and how she was certain I'd come to adore it. 

Today we unpacked our last box. What a relief. While we still have little details to add, I can't help think how this move, with all its emotional heartache, has been one of the easiest moves of my entire life. Why? Two words: professional movers. Also, I've had the luxury of being unemployed during this transition. This has made life one thousand times easier. In addition, I've relished acquainting myself to my new surroundings by scouting out free museums, driving through different neighborhoods, perusing local thrift shops, and eating.*

Finally, our place is starting to feel like a real home. 

Red door appropriately matches kitchen accents.  

Vintage charm. 

White kitchen and natural light. 

Pretty storage solutions. 
Thrift store abstracts. 
Double sinks. 
 *Ps. Rest assured I've already found some of the BEST restaurants in St. Louis. Read more about my food adventures here


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