35 Things I'm Thankful For

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1. Sweet potatoes
2. Smiles from strangers.
3. A nephew and niece coming in 2013.
4. Live music (Crooked Fingers and Shovels & Rope specifically).
5. Long and frequent embraces.
6. Pretty jars of jam, residing neatly in my pantry.
7. Creating new traditions.
8. Rediscovering the brilliant arrangement of Mary Oliver’s words, again and again.
9. Access to an abundance of antique and thrift stores.
10. Spontaneous arts & crafts nights.
11. Yoga.
12. Being read to. Especially when character voices are involved.
13. Burnt orange I win.
14. Working in a profession that lauds free speech and advocates information access.
15. Non-addictive sleep aids (Melatonin, I’m looking at you).
16. Colleen’s chocolate cupcake recipe.
17. Finding treasures in coat pockets.
18. Weekend hikes.
19. Closure in the form of a settlement.
20. Paying off three credit cards with said settlement.
21. Red velvet cake in adorable Mason jars.
22. Modern Family’s laugh-out-loud moments.
23. Cozy slippers.
24. Ginger tea.
25. Unexpected tears.
26. Choosing to open my heart, no matter the vulnerability.
27. Podcasts.
28. Brisk morning walks before the sun comes up.
29. Film festivals.
30. Brunch.
31. Letterpress cards with gorgeous typography.
32. Grandpa’s hats.
33. Pen pals.
34. Guest bloggers.
35. The family I come from and the family I'm/we're creating.


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