Friday Favorites: Links to Love

Friday, November 23, 2012

I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and stress-free. Full of delicious food and plenty of leftovers. I had a post all written for today but decided the timing was off. Instead, I'll mention that I boycott Black Friday on principle. But will, however, happily support Small Business Saturday. Since my shopping is done for the year, maybe this little list will help you find something special for someone on your list.  

1. Enchanted Succulents require no water and are simple yet elegant. Wouldn't you love to gift this as a hostess gift? Or maybe just treat yourself to something pretty. 

2. Stickygrams turn your Instagrams into magnets. How clever is that!?

3. Kid's alter-ego hats. I know, if you were a knitter, unlike myself, you could probably whip this up in your sleep.

4. A new book of collected poems by one talented writer.

5. Pretty painted postcards and pop-out surprises. Perfect for sending handwritten notes to faraway loved ones.


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