Good Eats: Half & Half

Thursday, November 8, 2012

When you come to visit, which I have it on good authority you will, I've already got our weekend planned. Because you're a smart traveler and have done your research you'll probably have a few tourist spots you'll want to hit. Well get to that. Of course we'll put you up proper, complete with fresh towels and little mints. And you'll probably want to settle in before we rush out on the town. Please, do make yourself at home. As you know, The Show Me state has lots to offer and you'll certainly want to capture some of those moments with your digital camera. But before all that, before the Midwest mesmerizes you with train crossings and nice people, before you marvel at the low fuel prices and decide to trade in city life for a Mayberry existence, first I'll take you to brunch. 

Which is where Half & Half comes in. No sign, just hoards of hungry locals. The little shop on Maryland Ave opened a little over a year ago and is a thriving mecca for morning-goers. Boasting rustic wooden tables, cobalt blue ampersand mugs, a bustling barista, antique mirrors, and Mason jar light fixtures, I gained regular status faster than my new driver's license was printed. The menu is hearty and features rotating seasonal dishes. What do I suggest? Well, that depends. I guarantee you'll melt right into the baked oatmeal piled high with sugar coated nuts, fresh berries, and a side of, what else, half and half. (I ordered it twice in one week.) If you favor a more savory breakfast, the vegetarian skillet, served in a cast iron pan, brims with flavor. Brussels sprouts for breakfast? Yes, please. Combine all that with top-notch service and ding ding ding we have a winner!

Come, won't you? I can't wait to catch up over breakfast. 


  1. I'm coming for those killer pancakes. Save me some!

  2. i'll come if you feed me and show me the sights!


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