Music Monday: Crooked Fingers

Monday, November 12, 2012

This song, or rather, this group comes courtesy of cousin Dainon. He introduced me to this North Carolina band and I owe him a shout-out. When I saw they'd be touring in my new backyard I figured catching their show live was a good idea. Sometimes opening bands are a dud and don't deserve much of a mention. Translation: Please don't talk for an hour and only play three songs. We came for the music, not your bad storytelling. 

But back to Crooked Fingers. First, this band has one of the best all time breakup songs ever. (Full disclosure, I probably listened to it on repeat the duration of 2008-2009.)  One of their other songs, Heavy Hours, recently received a national audience since airing on the television show How I Met Your Mother.  Finally, I'm really happy they played Doctors of Deliverance in the setlist last night. That made the entire night worth it. 

Crooked Fingers / Off Broadway / St. Louis, MO / 11 November 2012. 


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