When my Evening Starts at 8:00pm

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm not a night person. Never have been. All-nighters, in college or grad school, were completely foreign to me. I'm like an 80-year-old. Give me comfortable shoes, a solid routine, and an early bedtime. It keeps me regular.

But when your up-on-the-music-scene-mixtape-connoisseur friend tells you about a new band that just so happens to be touring in your backyard, well, you take note. And maybe make an exception. Last night I did just that. 

Being new to the live music scene I always feel a little awkward going to shows. Especially at night. Am I suppose to stand directly in front of the stage? Is sitting allowed? How much should I sway to the beat? Eventually I grabbed a ginger ale and took a spot upstairs, where I could gaze over the mostly 30-something crowd and invent stories of how they'd heard of this band. Soon enough though the pull of the music had me downstairs and part of the action.   

Two songs in and I was hooked. (Strange how a Neil Diamond cover can do that for me.) The opening band, Shivering Timbers, had a folk rock go-go sound. Made more entertaining with the sway of suede fringe boots. Then it was on to the main act, Shovels and Rope. And HOLY WOW! Those kids can sing. Mix a bit of harmonica and bluesy tales and you've got some fine sounding tunes. Suddenly I became one of the cool kids, where staying up late made perfect sense. 

It ain't wait you got, it's what you make. 


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