2012 in Pictures

Sunday, December 30, 2012

This year, 2012, was a year. What a year.... 

When I think of all that has transpired (babies, deaths, marriages, and moves, all in multiples) I can hardly imagine a year filled with more change. Not only for myself, but for many dear friends and family members. Others are on the cusp of change and for that I wish them increased clarity and peace. In a bold move I resurrected this little corner of the Internet and have enjoyed the creative outlet. (Your comments and guest contributions have been so appreciated.)

I imagine when the film reel of our lives plays out on that giant screen in the sky, the one phrase most oft repeated will be Wow! That sure didn't turn out at all like I planned. To which, we might receive a knowing nod and a raised eyebrow, like we are the first person to utter such an epiphany. Which is just part of the deal, right? We get to choose a few things in this life, but mostly, we love, suffer, succumb, and grow. Oh, AND capture a few images just to prove we had our brief moment on this little blue and green marble. 
January — Celebrated Lynne and Frank's 50th Anniversary. 
February — Visited this DC landmark. 
March — Spent a lovely spring night here.  
April — Enjoyed my Virginia bridal shower. 
May — Married my favorite and my best. 
June — Climbed Old Rag. 
July — Danced like a gypsy at an outdoor concert. 
August— Said a temporary goodbye to Grandpa and Colleen. 

September— Welcomed my nephew, Liam, to the world. 
October — Stumbled upon an Illinois rendezvous.
November —  Hosted my first successful Pie Day. 
December —  Decorated a live tree and built a fort. A fort!
Travels for 2012 included trips to Utah (6 times), Philadelphia, and Canada. Choosing one image to represent each month was impossible. This sampling highlights some of my favorite moments and favorite people. 


  1. Glad to have been able to share so many great moments with you this past year. Here's to an amazing 2013. (Btw, totally stealing this idea!)


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