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Saturday, December 1, 2012

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Sung to the tune of FIVE GOLD RINGS!

I know, I know one more post about favorite things. Go-ahead roll your eyes some more. But wait, this little list is different. Promise. Actually it's more about my super special Friday night which I know you've been aching to hear about. 

Last night I attended a social gathering hosted by a woman from church. Since I'm trying to meet new people I put on my festive shoes and made an earnest effort to be cheery. The hostess provided us with instructions for the evening which included an 8:30 pm start time (I guess having kiddos means the party gets going later), a request to bring treats (duh you gotta have refreshments), and that each guest bring five of the same "favorite thing," each less than $6. (She also threw in something about wearing your jammies to the gathering but since I'm not five-years-old I totally disregarded that instruction.) Apparently, this type of party is all the rage these days. 

What did I take as my favorite thing? Some awesome packets of French gray sea salt. Because who doesn't need fancy seasoning? And what did I take away from this yuletide clambake? A packet of fabric swatches, yellow washcloths, Christmas ornaments and candles, a garlic/herb seasoning mix, and a plastic back massager. A descent stash. Although I was a little disappointed my name was not drawn for either of the two cheese offerings (cranberry chèvre and havarti). 

Another fun fact I learned last night: You can purchase pregnancy tests AND marijuana tests at The Dollar Tree. Good to know. 


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