Friday Favorites: Christmas Hymns

Friday, December 21, 2012

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
The story of the Longfellow family is beautifully recounted in this 8 minute narration and orchestration. It is one of hope and renewal and courage over conflict through the strength of family and faith.  Always a stirring reminder during this season of the year. 
This song lets you imagine all the people that made up that First Christmas; it's like creating a mental crèche set to a beautiful melody.

Another song by Patricia Kelsey Graham. This song weaves simple children’s rhymes to a heartwarming tune that's appealing to children of all ages.

While this isn't technically a Christmas hymn the first two lines unravel like an intoxicating Robert Frost poem you might hear sitting next to a crackling fire nestled in a cabin deep in the woods. We don’t sing it much in church anymore, probably because of the ethnocentric reference to forcing Native Americans out. But you know....


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