Friday Favorites: {Guest Post by Suzette}

Friday, December 28, 2012

Suzette loves living in the Washington DC Metro area and is the Executive Director of White Spacea personalized home organizing company that organizes life and creates space.

My favorite things about chemo – yes, that’s right, chemo – there are a few.

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in July and spent the next 6 months enduring several rounds of chemo. It’s pretty terrible stuff, but I did discover a few favorite things during this process. Maybe the next time you're sick, perhaps thinking about these things can help get you through.

Not Shaving
Like other cancer patients – I lost my hair. All of it. Which meant no shaving, or waxing, or anything. It also meant silky smooth skin on my legs, which was great.

Sick Stories
All those crazy days of hospitals, doctor’s visits, drug-induced sleeps, and dashes to the puke bowl – make for some good stories later on.

Gifts & Mail
When you’re sick for a long time, you get lots of cards, which actually makes waiting for the mail carrier fun. Gifts also arrive – and even though you’re not feeling well, it’s still nice to open a package and see what’s inside.

Public Concern
This is a great favorite and also makes for funny stories, because it’s so interesting how people (strangers) react to illness and hairlessness. Some want to share their own stories, some wish you well, some give hugs, and others let you to the front of the line.

Slowing Down
When you’re sick everything slows down. Events are cancelled and you spend a lot of time laying low. Although you may hate missing out, the quiet time can become a bit of a respite. You get to sleep a lot, which always feels good, and read too. Life is so busy that sometimes doing nothing (even if it’s forced) is a nice thing.

Sickness brings lots of prayers and that’s my favorite of all. You really do need heaven on your side. And it feels good knowing so many friends and family are also keeping you in their prayers.


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