Music Monday: Christmas Music Mix

Monday, December 3, 2012

This week I deposited a little bit of happiness into the mail and I'm fairly certain the angels in heaven offered up a celebratory and glorious Hallelujah! 

After one amazing autumn music swap it was unanimously decided that our little trio would try for a quarterly song exchange. A chance to hear new music and listen with more intensity during the intervening months. (Confession: I maaay have started listening to Christmas music before Halloween this year.) Without further adieu I give you my festive and sometimes somber music mix. 
1. We Need a Little Christmas Angela Lansbury 
From the original 1966 production of Mame. The film version featured Lucille Ball which is a double win. As Auntie Mame would say, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death."
Listen here.
2. Both Sides of Now Joni Mitchell
From a transformative period of my own life, this comes from one of my favorite holiday films, Love Actually. Listen here.
3. Snow Rosemary Clooney 
You remember the scene from White Christmas? The solo version is just as rousing as the dynamic quartet. I wanna wash my hands, my face, and hair with snow. Listen here.
4. White Christmas Ella Fitzgerald 
Recently I learned that Marilyn Monroe had a HUGE hand in launching Ella Fitzgerald's career. Knowing this just makes me like Ella all the more. I simply can’t get enough of her voice. Plus this song features the xylophone! Listen here.
5. Candlelight Carol The John Rutter Christmas Album
I must have been in high school when our church choir performed this and simply put, it was the most beautiful choral piece I had ever heard. And that’s saying A LOT for a ward choir. To me, I think this song reflects the true spirit of the season. Listen here.
6. Aspenglow John Denver
Songs from my youth come back in curious ways. This reminds me of past Christmases spent in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. And yes, it makes me miss home a fair bit. Listen here.   
7. Silent Night The Three Tenors
This was the hymn that stopped the war between German and French soldiers the Christmas Eve of 1914. It will forever be one of my favorite Christmas hymns. (I usually sing the first line in German whenever it is sung at church. I can’t help myself.) Listen here.
8. Carol of the Bells Mannheim Steamroller
Wow, what can I say about this song? Growing up we listened to Mannheim Steamroller ALL CHRISTMAS SEASON. My parents loved their music and I had the piano songbook. One year we went as a family to their Christmas concert. They were ahead of their time; a precursor to Trans Siberian Orchestra for certain. Sadly, the Christmas Celebration album is not available on iTunes. Listen here.
9. A Christmas to Remember Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
I had to lighten things up with this one. Classic Christmas country duo. How can you go wrong? Listen here.
10. ¿Donde Esta Santa Claus? Augie Rios
Christmas is better with the eager anticipation of children, no? Listen here
11. The Christmas Waltz She & Him. 
Everyone loves Zooey, right? Listen here
12. When the Bells Start Ringing My Morning Jacket {featuring The Head & the Heart}. An ode to more country Christmas music and the bell theme continues. Listen here.
13. Auld Lang Syne Mairi Campbell and David Francis 
New Year’s Eve has only recently become a tolerable holiday for me. (Fondue helps.) Plus I had to include something from Sex and the City. This one comes from the first movie. Listen here.


  1. Perfect timing! The cd came in the mail yesterday!!

  2. I'm loving it! PS-Kudos on the John Denver, I heart John Denver!

  3. are you on spotify? can you put this list there?


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