One Slice is Never Enough

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sometimes people tell me to do things (like see random bands I've never heard of OR go to author readings of a book I've not read) and I do it. I'm easily convinced like that. Other times I go to events on my own (like craft shows) and think Wow, now I need to take a glass blowing class. Recently I read an article featuring eight Missouri pie shops  sweet slices of homemade goodness dotting the Heartland  and my first thought was I MUST EAT PIE!  I immediately made a goal to visit each location during the next several months. 
My quest started this past Monday when I had the day off and hit the open road, driving 100 miles west to the town of Rolla, MO.  "A Slice of Pie" opened its doors 27 years ago and has been in the same location ever since. The interior features paper doilies and peeling flowered wallpaper, with a sign informing customers "Checks and Cash Only." The pie board boasts a dizzying selection of cream pies, chocolate confections, and an abundance of fruity fillings. I went with the strawberry rhubarb pie, knowing since neither was in season it was a gamble. But I was happy with the results. Not ah-maz-ing, but good. However those portion sizes, wow! One-fifth of a pie is a lot. But not enough that I didn't take another slice of Toll House pie home for GH. (At least that's what I told the cashier.) We ended up splitting it and last night I was compelled to whip up an equally tasty version of the pie using this recipe. Since I didn't need any more pie I packaged it up and made special deliveries to my coworkers. I mean why have pie day when you can have pie week!
Pie boxes found here


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